RBLYB For consideration

Hi John,

Thank you for getting in touch.

You are more than welcome to use the pictures for the band’s website. I’m grateful that I have been allowed to take pictures of the band on several occasions, so there’s no usage fee for you. The only thing I ask for is that you give credit for the pictures (“Pictures by Tomas Petersen, https://imaginary-visions.co.uk”) and provide a link to my website.

As well as the pictures from the concert last year, I have also been photographing the band when I’ve seen them marching through Brentwood for the Armed Forces day last year and for the Remembrance parade. I have done a quick scan of my pictures looking for red uniforms and uploaded what I could find to this page. If you have a browse and let me know which ones you want, I’ll be happy to remove the watermark and send them to you.  The easiest way to navigate the slideshow is to click on one of the thumbnails and then navigate left and right using the arrows on the keyboard.

Sorry that this page takes so long to load – it’s the script I’m using to pre-load the pictures that struggle when there are so many pictures.

Kind regards,