Marks 27th Birthday

Pictures from Marks’s 27th birthday celebration at the Artichoke in Brentwood, Saturday the 10th September 2011.

I will probably write a short blog-post about the day, but promise I won’t use any “embarassing” pictures in public.

If you want a large version of any of the pics, just drop me a line at, and I’ll forward them straight to you! (you’ll need to give me the filename that is displayed under the large version of the relevant pics). I haven’t done any proper “post processing” to pretty them up, so if there are any you would like to have printed, let me know and I’ll see what I can do about add a little bit of jazz.

The slideshow works as you’d expect. Click any of the thumbnails to see that in large, or click the middle of the large pic for a pause/play button.

Many thanks to Kiara for most of the pictures – you’ll put me out of a job soon, if you carry on like that! And thanks to Sharon and Jemma for being VALs (voice-activated light-stands) towards the end of the evening.