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Some years ago I signed up to a photography course called “The Art of Photography” run by the Open College of Art (OCA). I never finished the course, but even though my “subscription” to getting tutor feedback has long expired, I intend to eventually complete the course.

This blog category is my learning-log for that course. The course is subdivided into 5 parts

TAOP Assignment 1: Contrasts

TAOP Assignment 1: Contrasts

This is my learning log for TAOP Assignment 1, Contrasts. The assignment asked me to make 8 pairs of photos, with each pair illustrating a contrast chosen from a pre-defined list of 20 different contrasts, such as “large/small”, “high/low”, “light/dark”, and so on. Additionally I was to make an extra photo, illustrating one of the contrasts in a single picture.


April 2022


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