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Some years ago I signed up to a photography course called “The Art of Photography” run by the Open College of Art (OCA). I never finished the course, but even though my “subscription” to getting tutor feedback has long expired, I intend to eventually complete the course.

This blog category is my learning-log for that course. The course is subdivided into 5 parts

Exploring Color Photography

Exploring Color Photography

There is nothing wrong with Exploring Color Photography, and there is a lot of things right about it. It just feels like Robert Hirsch has taken a general photography manual and added the word color [sic] to every other heading, just like a house-owner looking to make a quick sale will get the decorator in to give all the walls a quick lick of magnolia. On the plus side, the book is lavishly illustrated with a large selection of beautiful (color) photographs.

Flooded Ouse

Flooded Ouse

A picture of the flooded river Ouse in North Yorkshire reminded me of one of the conclusions from the press photographer 2012 exhibition: Pictures of natural disasters have more impact if there is a human context.


April 2022


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