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I like to learn about photography, whether it’s by reading books, going to exhibitions, viewing online gallleries or following a formal study.

Book review: Hockney on Art

A collection of conversations between David Hockney and Paul Joyce spanning nearly 20 years from 1982 to 1999. As well as many insightful discussions about art in general, there are large parts of the book dedicated to Hockney’s famous photo montages that he calls “joiners”.

The Ongoing Moment

Geoff Dyer’s The Ongoing Moment is a fascinating, interesting and fun overview of important photographers and themes in American photography, focusing mainly on their pre-colour photography. A good read that will form the basis for further exploration of many of the individuals discussed.

Exploring Color Photography

There is nothing wrong with Exploring Color Photography, and there is a lot of things right about it. It just feels like Robert Hirsch has taken a general photography manual and added the word color [sic] to every other heading, just like a house-owner looking to make a quick sale will get the decorator in to give all the walls a quick lick of magnolia. On the plus side, the book is lavishly illustrated with a large selection of beautiful (color) photographs.

Flooded Ouse

A picture of the flooded river Ouse in North Yorkshire reminded me of one of the conclusions from the press photographer 2012 exhibition: Pictures of natural disasters have more impact if there is a human context.


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