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Sometimes a change of scenery can help to get the creative juices flowing, so here’s a set of posts about times when the camera has been (as it says in the title) out and about.

Mountnessing Sunset

A chat over a cup of coffee led to a sunset trip to nearby Mountnessing windmill. The colours in the sky were pretty, and while editing and MAYBE going slightly overboard, I finally felt some of that old buzz again.


Pictures from a zen-like day in the park. I sat comfortably in a nice chair, enjoying the sun, and waited for the ducks and geese to come to me. Many did, and some of the many were even kind enough to make a big splash when they arrived.


What started as a sad day, ended up with me walking around the churchyard by St Mary’s in Shenfield and thinking about how Denise would have loved to see the place.

The argument; live from London’s club scene

Essex Strobist went to town in Club Live in Vauxhall. The club was VERY dark, but handheld long exposures supported by flash (and a torch to help the auto focus system) turned the darkness into a feature of this visual short story of a young couple’s argument in a London night club.

Low key portrait of dad

I have plenty of snapshots of my dad, but no portraits. So when he came to visit for Christmas, we went out to rectify that situation. It was my first time trying to shoot a dramatic low-key portrait, and I learnt a number of valuable lessons. Although the final result didn’t turn out exactly as expected, I’m glad to finally have a portrait of dad on my desk.

Cute, fury rodents

Two trips to nearby parks has given me a collection of pictures of cute squirrels, so I have made a small slideshow with my favourites among them.

The sun that never sets

A sunset picture of The Houses of Parliament with the London Eye to help frame the picture, and a few words about finding the timing of the “magic” moment when floodlit buildings balance nicely against the night sky. As a bonus, there’s also a night-shot of The City.

Flourescent FranKo

When photographing “powerful”, “adrenaline filled”, “straight to the point” and “explosive” FranKo, I decided to try something different, and ended up with flourescent outlines of the band members.

Bigga than Ben

From a vague idea of a sunset picture, to a silhouette of The London Eye in front of a bold, dramatic sunset with colours only Hollywood or Kodachrome could have imagined. The main point of the post is the thought processes that went into this mixture between photo and graphic art.

1973 at 229

French band 1973 performed at 229, and the light was as challenging as ever. I decided to hide the spotlights behind the performers, and ended up with this picture of Jérôme Plasseraud.

I missed the train

After having shot a gig in London last night, a couple of friends and I had a few beers. The last train home leaves at 00:50, and, long story short, I missed it 🙁 The first train Sunday morning is at 06.35, so how do you kill a few hours in the middle of the night in the city? Well, since I had my camera with me, I decided to shoot a few night shots.

Embrace the colours

The coloured LED lights used at 229 when Amoriste played there last Wednesday, absolutely killed any chance of getting a decent colour balance. After trying to fight it in vain, I eventually embraced the weird and wonderful colours, and ended up with a set of almost psychedelic concert photos. It’s not everybody’s taste, but I actually quite like them.

Greensted Church

Greensted Church, just down the road, is probably the oldest wooden church in the world. The Rt Hon and Rt Revd Bishop of London kindly posed for a picture as we both visited the church today.

I see the bad moon rising

An almost full moon, fluffy clouds and the spire of St Thomas Church. I was shooting from the roof of a local supermarket in order to capture this moody night-time picture.

Grace in Grease

We were off to see Grease, performed by the theatre school Stagecoach, courtesy of our friend and neighbour Grace, who was in the play. It was an impressive show, and it was wonderful to see the many friends and family members who had brought a camera or video camera along.

Sex on wheels

A trip to a local classic car shows almost turns into sensual overload as the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, sex symbols, that the car industry constantly throws at us, become evident in an analysis of viewing angles. A hood ornament to puncture your heart is thrown in for good measure!


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