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Sometimes a change of scenery can help to get the creative juices flowing, so here’s a set of posts about times when the camera has been (as it says in the title) out and about.

Dance and sexy fashion

Pictures from a great photoshoot themed around dance and movement, with a sprinkle of sexy fashion thrown in, with Courtney.

Lewis and Harris Summer Holiday

Holiday pictures from the Isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides. May contain beautiful beaches, impressive mountains, still waters, friendly sheep and bag pipe players.

CRUK 2018 night in Romford

Friday 6th April 2018 arrived after months of anticipation. It was the Friday of Mark and Jenni's charity ball, this time held at the RUSCC club in Romford. I was fortunate enough to be there with the camera, capturing a few shots during the setup and evening. You've...

Plane spotting in Manchester

Rather than sit in an airport hotel and get bored, I spent the evening plane spotting. The hoped-for plane-against-dramatic-sunset picture didn’t materialise, but it was a good evening nonetheless.

CRUK 2013 night in Hornchurch

On Saturday the 21st September in Hornchurch, the right place to go was Club 2004 which hosted the annual Cancer Research UK Charity Event arranged by Jenni Winfield and Mark McIlven. I was fortunate enough to have been invited to come along and take some pictures from the evening.

Whitby by night

A pictoresque ruin of an old abbey. Water. Hillsides. Sunset and sunrise. What more could any photographer wish for? I had it all in abundance on this trip to Whitby a few months ago, and I am pleased with the photographic results.

Flooded Ouse

A picture of the flooded river Ouse in North Yorkshire reminded me of one of the conclusions from the press photographer 2012 exhibition: Pictures of natural disasters have more impact if there is a human context.

Lions boxing club

Lions boxing club. Six boxers, one kick boxer, a great make-up artist, and two totties. Is that sexist? Probably. But it fits the sterotype 😉 Oh, and ten photographers, 25 light stands, 30 flash guns plus and unknown number of light modifiers, bags, iPads, triggers...

100 Megapixel London sunset panorama

The London skyline at sunset is too breathtaking and wide to capture in a single photograph. So I stitched 13 together for a 100 megapixel wide panorama of the city. Now I just need to find a 100″ frame and sufficient wall space…

Long distance fireworks

Every New Year's Eve there's a beautiful fireworks from the London Eye. And every year there's are hundred of thousands of people travelling into the city to view it (around 250,000 this year). Getting a good place with a decent view requires arriving hours in...

London from above, part 1

During my first evening tour in The London Eye, I got a series of “nice but no cigar” pictures of London’s skyline seen from above. This post analyses exposure and records a number of lessons learnt for a future re-visit to this magnificient view of the City.

The sunset that got away

Anglers do it. Hunters do it. But photographers often don’t talk so much about “the one that got away”. But sometimes it happens, and last night’s attempt of capturing a sunflower sunset was just one of those times. But even if I didn’t get what I aimed for, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with some interesting pictures.


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