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The important ingredients in a good photograph are either in front of the lens or behind the viewfinder. But every now and then it’s also interesting to consider what is between them. These posts are about that.

What do you do with your pictures?

No, seriously, it’s not a trick question. What do you do with your pictures? A brief sotry about putting some shelves up on the wall, but as that wouldn’t really fit into a photo blog, it has been turned it into a blog post about the rotating photo exhibition at my Gallery Staircase. Does that not sound posh?

… for everything else there is Insurance

Your facial expression as camera equipment worth thousands of pounds falls to the ground: Priceless. For everything else there is insurance. We all know that the proof of the insurance pudding is in the claim eating, so to speak. This is the tale of a very good pudding.

Bully and the Cream Machine

Bully, the feline photomodel and office co-worker, meets the cream machine. Unfortunately for Bully, this has nothing to do with dairy. Fortunately for me, it’s a brilliant lens I managed to find second hand. Bully kindly posed for some pictures while I tested the new lens.

Strap-on nirvana

I don’t know about you, but I find that the heavier a camera gets, the more tired I get from carrying it on my neck for a few hours. Two years ago I was in a car accident and has had back problems ever since, and that certainly hasn’t made it any easier to carry a heavy camera around. At the same time, it seems that big, bulky and heavy is the norm for DSLRs, so what can you do?


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