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Do you sometimes find yourself pondering over things? Like “what should I do with my photographs” or “but is it art”? Well, I sometimes do. And these blog posts are my way of jotting down a few thoughts around such things. Random? Yes indeed.

Flooded Ouse

A picture of the flooded river Ouse in North Yorkshire reminded me of one of the conclusions from the press photographer 2012 exhibition: Pictures of natural disasters have more impact if there is a human context.

What do you do with your pictures?

No, seriously, it’s not a trick question. What do you do with your pictures? A brief sotry about putting some shelves up on the wall, but as that wouldn’t really fit into a photo blog, it has been turned it into a blog post about the rotating photo exhibition at my Gallery Staircase. Does that not sound posh?

It’s just a shadow of an illusion… from a dream

A good friend and former model, helped me understand the process behind a successful fashion shoot, and summed it up in a single, easy to remember sentence. This blog post elaborates on the the idea, and gives a few examples of emotions (hopefully) being communicated successfully.

Pretty, but fake

Should photographs be photo-realistic, or has the line between photography and digital design become so blurred that the message is more important than the method? This essay looks at some different points of view, and concludes that the fundamental discussion should be about honesty and expectations, rather than Photoshop.

Advertisments as art?

Can ad pictures, the epitome of commercialism, produced to a very specific brief for no other purpose than to sell, sell, sell, be works of art? Is there a conflict between the starving artists of yester-year and the highly paid PR executives of today? Or, is it actually a fact that all artists are in the business of selling?

Is Photo Journalism Art?

Given yesterday’s criteria for what constitutes art, let’s look at photo journalism. What are the key objectives for a photo journalist, and how easy or hard is it to combine these with the artist’s objectives? Are artists good craftsmen, and are good craftsmen artists?

But is it art?

“What is art” is a controversial questions. Rather than trying to come up with my own definition, I start by Wikipedia’s definition and extrapolate from that. Scratching only the surface, I try to understand whether it’s the finished result or the creative process that turns some photos into art. I welcome your input and views.


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