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Sometimes it’s nice to have a set theme and know that there’s someone waiting to receive the results. It helps to focus the mind and I find that I procrastinate less if I’m up against a deadline.

TAOP Assignment 1: Contrasts

This is my learning log for TAOP Assignment 1, Contrasts. The assignment asked me to make 8 pairs of photos, with each pair illustrating a contrast chosen from a pre-defined list of 20 different contrasts, such as “large/small”, “high/low”, “light/dark”, and so on. Additionally I was to make an extra photo, illustrating one of the contrasts in a single picture.

Karen and Paul got married

Karen and Paul got married. My good friend Steve and I were taking the pictures. Although the majority of the pictures are good (in my own humble opinion), the main focus of this post is about the lessons I learnt. What could be improved upon, and what should be done different another time?

Marching Band Concert

The Royal British Legion Youth Band Brentwood and the Grenadier Guards Band gave a concert in the Brentwood centre. I was fortunate enough to be invited to come and take pictures.

Bigga than Ben

From a vague idea of a sunset picture, to a silhouette of The London Eye in front of a bold, dramatic sunset with colours only Hollywood or Kodachrome could have imagined. The main point of the post is the thought processes that went into this mixture between photo and graphic art.

Human ostriches and bagpipes

Abridge celebrated their 25th annual village festival on Sunday the 13th June, with everybody in the village participating. There was a parade, floats, bands, food, entertainment. And there were human ostriches!

Amoriste in Hylands Park

Photoshoot with Chelmsford-based, but nationally and internationally known, band Amoriste. The band brought their red kite. Steve brought his amazing, home-made flash kit. Mother nature supplied grey skies and bright, yellow rapeseed.


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