Imagine having a vision …

Silhouette looking at a red rose

Just imagine...

The ability to form a vision of what we would like to achieve and planning how to do so is one of the things separating humans from other living creatures. Having a vision is what stops us from drifting through life. It lets us achieve things that we wouldn’t achieve by chance in a thousand years.

In photography, pre-visualisation is the act of imagining what a picture will look like before pressing the shutter. Taking the time for this helps the photographer take pictures that are more than a mere record of the scene in front of him, although simply capturing a scene well shouldn’t be sniffed at.

Imagination is what made artists draw their version of grafitti in caves thousands of years ago. And the vision of a neat, tidy cave without animal pictures adorning the walls is what made the artists’ parents dole out the first house arrests (cave arrests?) in history!

Imaginary things don’t exist, except in someone’s imagination. It can be argued that pictures on a computer are entirely imaginary – they are just a collection of zeroes and ones in a file. Conventions for interpretations can turn this digital flodsam into illuminated pixels on a computer. Even so, the picture disappears as soon as the monitor is switched off. The picture is entirely imaginary.

This blog is about using imagination as a tool to achieve a vision.  While important, the vision is simply the destination, and, as so often in life, it is the journey and the challenges overcome that matters.

I hope you will check back every now and then and follow me on this journey.