About me

Picture of Tomas

Your's truly, photographed by my wonderful wife Denise.

The word “amateur” comes from the Latin word “amore” which means “to love”. Amateurs do things because they love doing them, rather than in order to make a living. I am a keen amateur photographer with varied photographic interests, from still lives and landscapes to high speed stop-motion action shots and abstracts.

While we can all use both the environment and the society, in which we live, as a pool of resources and opportunities, it is important that the pool is replenished on a regular basis. So I’m a volunteer photographer for the Saint Francis Hospice, where I have covered event photography and taken pictures for press releases since 2008. It’s an enjoyable way of giving a little back to society, and I hope it helps promote the hospice and the wonderful work they do.

Monday to Friday between 9 and 5.30 I am a senior IT consultant specialising in ITIL-based service delivery. IT’s structure and rule-based logic is the yin to creativity’s yang.

The blog is a series of musings over all sorts of photographic subjects and objects. Sometimes about a single picture. Sometimes a location. And sometimes about what I consider to be at the core of photography: To have and to use imagination in order to achieve a specific result. I hope you’ll stop by every now and then, and I’d be thrilled it you decide to share your views in the comment sections on the blog.