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Hi, I’m Tomas.

My dad was a photographer and owned a photography shop in the small Danish village where I grew up, so it was only natural that he gave me a Kodak Instamatic to bring along when I went on my first cub scout trip. That started my fascination with photography, and I still have some of the square, faded and red-tinted pictures in an old shoe box, showing what a week away on a small island looked like to a 6 or 7 year old kid.

Since then I have become a semi-serious amateur photographer. I still like to bring the camera on holidays, but the endless summers of childhood has turned into the more grown-up routine of endless working hours, with one or two weeks away from the grindstone during the months where the rain is slightly warmer. So holiday snaps are no longer enough, and I have taken to go out specifically in order to take pictures. The photography has become a purpose in its own right, rather than a documentary by-product.

From 2008 I was a volunteer photographer for the Saint Francis Hospice in Essex, where I covered event photography and took pictures for press releases. It was an enjoyable way of giving a little back to society, and I believe it helped promote the hospice and the essential work they do. I stoped this when I moved from Essex to Yorkshire in 2013 to live with the lovely Philippa, who since has become my wife.

Imaginary Visions is about my journey in photography and some of the places, people and practises I have come across. It contains two discrete but complementary parts (ah, that’s the voice of the day job spilling through there, isn’t it?), namely a gallery to get some pictures off the hard disk (the modern variant of the old shoebox) and up on the internet wall, and a blog with a series of musings over all sorts of photographic subjects and objects.

I hope you’ll stop by every now and then, and I’d be thrilled if you decide to share your views in the comment sections on the blog. Should you wish, you can also get an email whenever the site gets updated with new content, if you leave your email address in the “subscribe” box at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.


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