I should start by apologising to any Nordic Noir fans. Saga NorĂ©n won’t be guest starring, and there are no pictures of dead bodies carefully arranged on the border between Lincolnshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. Sorry.

With a span of 1,410 meters between the two towers, the Humber Bridge is the 8th longest suspension bridge in the world. I live less than an hour’s drive away, and have visited with the camera a handful of times, most recently last Saturday where I ended up on the Lincolnshire side next to three other photographers capturing the sunet. So without further ado, here are some of my favourite pictures of The Bridge. Each picture can be clicked to open a larger version.


The Bridge at dusk, seen from the Lincolnshire side looking towards Hull

My favourite picture of the Bridge. A 3-foot wide print of this picture hangs on our wall.

The sky lighting up in orange and cyan shortly after sunset

I like the way the clouds and contrail follow the angle of the bridge cable

Collage of 13 individual pictures showing a sunset over (or, rather, under) the Humber Bridge