Our summer holiday this year went to The Isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides. Philippa has been there before and had told me how beautiful it was. She was not exaggerating; it was gorgeous! So we spent a fair bit of time criss crossing the island and stopping regularly to take pictures.

We stayed in a beautiful self catering appartment in 19th century gothic-revival Lews Castle with magnificient views of Stornoway harbour. The large picture at the top of this post is taken from our bedroom – not bad for a hotel room, eh?

The island is steeped in history with my three favourite historical sights being

  • Callanish Standing Stones – think Stonehenge, but with more stones, fewer barriers and far fewer tourists. (As an aside, the island has so many standing stones that you can hardle swing a sheep – to coin a phrase – without hitting one.)
  • Carloway Broch, an iron age building with two concentric circular walls, having a staircase in the cavity between them.
  • Museum nan Eilean with an interesting collection of artifacts from the island, presented in a fresh and modern way. Six of the Lewis Chessmen are also on display at the museum.

Alas, this is a photography blog. So rather than talk about how lovely and beautiful it was, let me instead show my favourite pictures from the week.