For last month’s photoshoot I booked Courtney at Opus Photografix in Leeds. The plan was to spend four hours shooting a mixture of dance and movement with a sprinkle of sexy fashion thrown in for good measure.

I’ve shot at Opus before and knew it has a very large infinity curve set set in a humongous open plan space, with separate changing room and a large collection of props. The infinity curve made it an ideal studio, with plenty of room for Courtney to move around, and I think the clean and uncluttered white background works well for the pictures.

We started with Courtney doing ballet poses in a pink tutu. Courtney then changed into a leotard, and we rummaged through the studio’s prop collection and found a number of lightweight silks that could give added movement in the pictures. Red worked really well with the black leotard, and a purple slik worked great with her in a turquoise dress.

By now we had spent about half of the time, so we took a break, reviewed some of the pictures and had a chat about what worked and didn’t work. I had brought a few snacks and a punnet of strawberries as light refreshments, and when we went back to shooting with a couple of sexy fashion type looks, the strawberries came handy as a fresh prop. It didn’t take long though before we again reached for the sliks, this time a blue one to match Courtney’s shorts.

When I tried to shoot too quickly before the flash had had a chance to recharge, I caught Courtney in silhouette. We both agreed that looked great, so we did a set where we switched the flashes off and only left the background light on. This kept us gainfully entertained until the time was up.

All in all, it was a fantastic shoot! We had discussed the theme beforehand, so Courtney showed up prepared and with a huge suitcase of outfits, and I’m really glad that we also took the time to try out some unplanned things. The silks – which ended up being the main theme of the shoot – was a great spur of the moment idea. Courtney was tireless as she moved and adapted poses.

It’s often difficult to select the best pictures from a shoot, and I really struggled this time, as there were so many that I liked. So have a browse through the gallery below, and as always, the pictures are “clickable” to enlarge them.