Sunday was the long-awaited first get-together this year of the Essex Strobists. We had rented Dieselpunk Studio in Wickford, Essex, for the day, and Yat and Nick had arranged for a handful of models and two makeup artists to attend.

The studio has 5 separate “scenes”, and we were 10 photographers and 5 models. So unsurprisingly, we paired up so there were two photographers working together, and rotated the models between us. Here are my highlights from the day. Click each pictures for a page with larger versions and additional photos:

Betty in the diner

50’s delicious diner. Model Bettie Barone (MM 242713). Bettie did her own make-up and hair.

Bettie dressed up as a 50’s glamour model for this shoot in the American diner. Although my partner Alan and I had big plans about using the reflections in the metal surface of the table, my favourite shot from this set was this shot. We didn’t have any coca cola, but I know for future reference that a mixture of tea and coffee makes for a convincing cola-colour (just don’t drink the concoction, please!)


Funky fashion

Funky fashion. Model Jade Nunn (MM 708862), make-up and hair by Jean Fernand

Jade impressed by the wonderful facial expressions she could make, and by her ability to twist and turn her body in weird and wonderful ways. Of the many excellent shots I got of Jade, I picked this one for it’s funky and fun atmosphere.

Don't be scared

Don’t be scared. Model: Molly Louise (MM 2833438), Hair and makeup: Crystal Edwards MUA (MM 1619548)


This is from the studio’s dungeon with black walls and a metal cage. To spruce things up a bit, we put a red gel on a flash and aimed it along the back wall. Molly did the rest.

Vampire and gnome

Vampire and gnome. Model: Demondaz (MM 25055), Makeup and hair: Crystal Edwards MUA (MM 1619548).

Garry came up with this wonderful idea of a gridded spotlight placed high above Daz in order to get that spotlight-effect on the floor with a sharp shadow. I think the shadow looks like a garden gnome, hence the title of the picture.

Sad / thoughtful / pensive vampire

Sad / thoughtful / pensive vampire. Model: Demondaz (MM 25055), Makeup and hair: Crystal Edwards MUA (MM 1619548)

The winter wonderland scene was probably built for pretty christmas shots, but it also worked well for a more thoughtful or sad look of our resident vampire.

Christmassy fetish

Christmassy fetish. Model: Krystal Johns (MM 2014721), Makeup and hair: Jean Fernand (MM 1670513).

Yat had brought his cololurful Christmas lights and an LED constant-light. Krystal had just dressed up for a session in the dungeon, so here’s a chance for some fetish-esque Christmas or Christmassy fetish.

It was an excellent day with great models and make-up. Many thanks to Yat and Nick for putting a lot of hard work into all the arrangements, and to Mike for use of his excellent Dieselpunk Studios.