To celebrate the royal wedding, or maybe just because they like to get out and play their catchy music, Amoriste had a gig at the Barfly in Camden yesterday where they played an energetic set of their melodic tunes. With Amoriste being the first band on stage, there wasn’t a lot of audience when they started to play, but rumours about the great gig must have spread quickly, because people kept coming in.

Crawf (bass and vocals) and Liam (guitar and lead vocals) from Amoriste

From a photographic point of view, this was a first for me: Amongst all the coloured spotlights, somebody had actually added a spot with a normal, white bulb. So for once it was possible to get skin colours on the photographs, at least of Liam, the lead singer. Bonus points to Barfly for that. The rest of the band got nice blue or red faces as usual.

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There is a slideshow with larger pictures from the gig here.