Scary in large groups

Menacing salt shakers

Well, they are! Scary in large groups, that is. Aren’t they? Compared to how cute they are in pairs.

No, I haven’t gone mad and bought 40 white salt shakers just for a photo shoot. There are 7 pictures, and a bit of photoshop involved.

I lined the first four rows of three shakers carefully up (okay, so I have gone mad enough to buy 12 salt shakers; they were on sale) and dialled the lighting in. As usual with this series of the shaker people, the light is a softbox just outside the frame at camera right and a white foam board as reflector on camera left. The camera was left on a tripod to make sure it didn’t move between the shots and manually focused on the front shaker.

After the first shot, I moved the first row behind the 4th row and took another shot. And again. And again until I had a total of 10 rows with four columns.

In photoshop it was fairly trivial to place each picture in its own layer and then, working from the bottom of the stack towards the top (i.e., from the back of the combined picture to the front) adding a layer mask to each layer in order to reveal the shakers in the layer below the current layer.