A bed of suns

Remembering to see the wood for the trees

On my recent visit to RHS Hyde Hall, I was chasing insects with a macro lens. It’s the kind of thing I can spend hours doing, without even realising that time is passing.

When I’m out shooting, with a specific picture in mind, I tend to get very focused (pardon the pun) on that specific thing or image. After 5 minutes at Hyde Hall, the beautiful flower beds ceased to exist in their own right. I stopped thinking “wow, those heathers look great against the backdrop of the green rolling hills”, and instead started to think “wow, heathers! There’s bound to be loads of bees looking for pollen there”.

Honey bee on thistle

Honey bee, with thistle as environmental backdrop

The inclusion of flowers in the shot became almost incidental. The flowers were there to show the bees’ environment and to give a nice backdrop for them.

It wasn’t until I had taken a break from the insect hunting and had a cup of coffee, when I ventured back out into the garden, that I remembered to take a step back back and see the wood for the trees, so to speak. I’m glad that I did.

The other pictures from the day (most of which are indeed trees rather than woods) are in the slideshow here.