When I recently went to Weald Country Park in the outskirts of Brentwood to look at the reds, oranges and golden colours of autumn, I came across a squirrel in the shadow under a large tree. Patiently, I sat down to wait for him to venture into the sun, and sure enough, after a few minutes he did just that.

A Grey Essex Squirrel

Then yesterday, I went out again, this time to Lake Meadows in nearby Billericay. Here I found not just one or two, but a large group of squirrels. Park visitors were feeding them by hand, and two of the furry rodents even decided to crawl up my leg (maybe they wanted to steal my camera?) in their desire to be cute enough to get fed. It’s the first time I’ve been limited by the minimum focusing distance (2 meters) of my 70-200!

It was a lovely afternoon with many pictures, so I have created a little slideshow of them here.