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Imaginary Visions

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Imaginary Visions is about my love for photography. Here you will find an eclectic portfolio, split into galleries with each focusing on a separate subject. Please have a browse. You will find pretty landscapes and rigid architecture, beautiful (or handsome) models, strange imaginary creatures reflected in smoke, musicians, sunsets, puppies, snapshots and crap shots.

Imaginary Visions

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Please check out the blog with posts covering a wide ranging set of photo related subjects. You might come across carefully constructed still lives, technical experiments, equipment reviews, philosophical tirades, thoughts about photo books and exhibitions or simply blog posts about individual pictures or photo shoots. Some of it will be imaginative, and some will appear random, for the collection is driven by curiosity and shaped by a changing, arbitrary focus. This is by chance rather than design.

Book review: Hockney on Art

A collection of conversations between David Hockney and Paul Joyce spanning nearly 20 years from 1982 to 1999. As well as many insightful discussions about art in general, there are large parts of the book dedicated to Hockney’s famous photo montages that he calls “joiners”.

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