Still lives

Still lives are carefully constructed, meticulously composed and expertly exposed images. So nothing to stress about there(!)  They traditionally depict commonplace objects, either natural (food, flowers, plants or rocks) or man-made (drinking glasses, books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes, and so on) in an artificial setting. From becoming popular in Western art in the 17th century until present-day computer generated (and sometimes entirely virtual) images, still lives have become almost a catch-all category for things that don’t fall into other category, as long as it’s carefully constructed. Classical still lives are often also memento mori – images which reminds the viewer of his own mortality.

I enjoy the slow, meticulous work-flow of first coming up with an idea (ideally with a twist of some sort), and then carefully composing and taking my time to explore various lighting setups. It gives time to think, and although I can spend hours on a single image, it is almost a meditative experience.

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  1. Du bliver noget spekulativ søn, jeg kan nu godt lide dine billeder her. Har du forberedt denne rubrik med tekst osv. specielt for mig? Jeg husker ikke, jeg selv har lavet det?
    Tak også for dit arbejde med mine nye phosee billeder, det har allerede hjulpet – lidt!
    Jeg er svært spændt på at se dine bryllupsbilleder. Gik det godt eller hvad?
    Kærlig hilsen

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