Judging colour temperature 1

This is my learning log for TAOP exercises 4-3.

The purpose of the exercise is to look at how pictures taken under different sunlight conditions (with a constant white balance) appear different. I made three pictures of my Venetian carnival mask. One taken in sunlight at mid-day, one taken in the shadow at mid-day, and one taken in sunlight about half an hour before sunset. Each picture is cropped and the white balance has been set to “Daylight”. Below each picture, there is an enlarged view of the (supposedly) white nose.

Mid-day sun, "daylight" white balance.

Mid-day sun, “daylight” white balance.

Mid-day open shade, "daylight" white balance.

Mid-day open shade, “daylight” white balance.

Sunset, sun, "daylight" white balance

Sunset, sun, “daylight” white balance







Apart from the sunset picture being slightly out of focus, the immediate observation is that the there is a clear difference between how white has been rendered in each picture.

The mid-day sun picture looks more yellow than I remember the scene, the open shadow picture looks bluer than I remember, and the sunset picture is pretty close to how the scene appeared to me at the time.

I’m surprised by the mid-day sun picture, as I had expected it to look neutral white on the computer monitor. I think this is because of the time of the year, with the sun ever rising high enough in the sky here in December to give us “white” white light. But my brain has gotten used to the light, so it disregards the yellow tint.

It is not surprising that the shadow picture looks bluer than it appeared. The human brain tends to “normalise” anything resembling white light, so this is just an example of my mind doing what minds do.

I’m also not very surprised by the last picture. The course material suggests that the picture probably should have looked more red than it appeared in reality. But I think sunset light is a special case – I have been taking many, many sunset pictures over the last years, so I have probably conditioned my brain to recognise the yellow/red of the light shortly before sunset.

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  1. interesting – it’s hard working with white and temperatures…. and thanks to bloglovin I get to see my favourite blogs !

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