Could you help me, please?

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I have finally re-started the photography course I signed up to last year, and I’m getting ready to complete my first assignment. It would be great if you could spend 5 minutes giving me a helping hand.

My assignment is to take 8 pairs of pictures to illustrate contrasting concepts. So I have taken 16 pictures, and made sure that the two pictures in each pair has something in common that connects them, while at the same time depicting two contrasting opposites.

The 8 contrasts are:

  • Large / small
  • Many / few
  • Broad / narrow
  • Continuous / intermittent
  • Pointed / blunt
  • Light / dark
  • Still / moving
  • Straight / curved

So just to repeat: Out of the 16 pictures below, there is one that is meant to show “large” and one that is meant to show “small”, and the subject on these two pictures have something in common that makes them a pair. Likewise for “many / few” and each of the other contrasts.

The 16 pictures are shown below in completely random order. So the pictures shown next to each other are not meant to be a pair (although, the randomnes generator might have ordered things neatly, you never know). They’re just shown in two columns to be able to fit all 16 pictures in less space.

I would like to check whether it is possible to deduct (or guess) which pictures form a pair, and which contrast they represent. So that’s where I would like your help. If you do have a few minutes, have a look at the pictures, and leave a comment saying which ones you think are paired, and which contrast you think they represent. This is not a test of your ability to interpret the pictures, it is a test of my ability to convey the contrasts as pictures. So please don’t “cheat” and read other people’s comments before you have made up your mind, as that would skew the results.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16

Thanks in advance for the help!

Update 31/7/2011: I have (finally!) completed the blog post that will go with the assignment. So pairings I had intended, and some words about how and why, can be found here.

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  1. Michelle

    3 = still, 2 = moving;

    6 = straight, 8 = curved;

    7 = many, 4 = few;

    9 = pointed, 10 = blunt;

    15 = large, 12 = small;

    Pass as to the rest, sorry!

  2. Okay, tricky one…

    I can match several in different ways, or even the same pair by different classifications!

    Large / small 15/12
    Many / few 2/3
    Broad / narrow 8/5
    Continuous / intermittent 7/4
    Pointed / blunt 9/10
    Light / dark 13/16 – Risking the PC police by stating the obvious!
    Still / moving 6/14
    Straight / curved – ah!

    Which has left me with your cucumber close up, and the bowl of salad, which don’t really fit straight/curved, which means I’ve gone wrong!

    I think I’ll stick to sudoku!

    Ah, maybe 2/3 could be Straight/curved, which means the veggies can be many/few… That might work.

    BTW, that’s a great picture of John, would you mind letting him have a copy?

  3. Kathleen

    ok Tomas…here goes my answers:
    Still/Moving – 2 & 3
    Large/Small 12 & 15
    Many/Few 1 & 11
    Pointed/Blunt 9 & 10
    light/dark 13 & 16
    continuous/intermittent 6 &14
    straight/curved 4 & 7
    Broad/narrow 5 & 8

    will you let us know which were right????

  4. Thank you very much for the help, Michelle, Steve and Kathleen.

    Thanks Steve, and sure, I’ll have a print for him next time I get close to a legionnaire.

    I certainly will let you know which concepts I was trying to convey with each pic, Kathleen. But I don’t think there are “right” and “wrong”. Some of the pairs can work for several contrasts, and it’s a great help for me to get my eyes opened to alternative interpretations.

    I’ll wait a few days before sharing which concepts I was thinking about for each pic to see if there might be a few more people willing to help.

  5. Hi, Tomas! Well, drat, I lost a bunch of time wanting to be ‘right’!
    But this is what I came up with:
    large/small 4/11
    many/few 12/15
    broad/narrow 16/13
    continuous/intermittent 2/3
    pointed/blunt 10/9
    still/moving 5/8

    Ah well, this was challenging-fun *s*

  6. 3 = bevægelse 2 = stilstand
    12 = mange 15 = få
    5 = smal 6 = bred
    13 = lys 16 = mørk
    7 = lige 8 = buet
    1 = mange 4 = få
    Kære Tomas
    Jeg har kun tildels forstået din forklaring. Jeg har “snydt” og læst kommentarer først. Jeg gætter på det har flere andre også. Jeg forstår, der ikke er nogen rigtig og forkert løsning. Derfor har jeg mere parret de ting, der vækker følelser hos mig. Eksempelvis 12 = mange fordi billedet giver indtryk af en masse ællinger medens 4 = få giver ro og indtryk indtryk af få svaner. – Men der er vistnok lige mange fugle på hvert billede, så vidt jeg kan tælle!
    De billeder jeg ikke har parret, jeg kunne ikke danne par af nogen af dem uden det virkede søgt.
    Vil du til sin tid lade mig vide, hvilke konklusioner, du kommer til.
    Kærlig hilsen

  7. melissa-ann replied on another forum and stated

    I know you didn’t mean for them to be paired, but looking at them, if they were, which is what i did at first glance…

    * Large / small 2/1
    The blur of green clad soldiers.. Are like the many leaves of the salad, only more so.. in a large grouping, unlike the smaller bowl

    * Many / few 3/4
    Again.. a soldier.. The first thought that came to mind was wars.. then the flower.. peace time.. So many wars..and so few times of true peace..

    * Broad / narrow 6/5
    The broad open endless space of the horizon over the water, and the open possibilities of life.. compared to the narrow path that we are sometimes forced down in the alley’s of life..

    * Continuous / intermittent 8/7
    The ever expanding highways that just seem to continue on forever.. in contrast to the short intermittent bursts of each branch that for ever stop and twist in a new direction

    * Pointed / blunt 9/10
    The pointed end of the needle that ends things sharply and quickly, compared to the blunt words that can sometimes be more painful then that quick jab of the needle.

    * Light / dark 12/11
    The lightness of playful ducklings contrasted to those dark edges of life that cross over our moments of light colors and crisscross over our existence..

    * Still / moving 13/14
    A moment of still thought in the child’s face just before the motion of that smile waiting to creep into place against that thought in action, begun and ever moving forward to send ripples

    * Straight / curved 16/15
    The straight lines of the girls as they stand proud and majestic, filled with pride over a game well won against the curves of the noble swan, just as proud and majestic as it takes in the warmth of the day.

    After i looked at the pictures, I seen they were not intended to be grouped that way.. So looked them over again and compared them to your list.

    * Large / small 1-11
    * Many / few 2-3 or 12-15
    * Broad / narrow 8-5
    * Continuous / intermittent 7-4
    * Pointed / blunt 9-10
    * Light / dark 13-16
    * Still / moving 15-14
    * Straight / curved 3-2 or 10-9
    (individually and as a pair, 10 & 9 embodies both)

  8. A poetic soul suggested

    * Continuous / intermittent #8/ #9 (as in line)
    * Large / small= large # 11 & 15; small #12 (15&12 common nature/animals)
    * Many / few # 7/ #11 = common factor-nature, many points to lay an eye on,vs more guided focus on exact spots on the photo
    * Broad / narrow= Broad # 6, narrow #5
    * Pointed / blunt # 14/#10 and # 11 (as in focused/unfocused image)
    * Light / dark = Light # 13; Dark # 16= common factor- skin color
    * Still / moving: Still: # 1; 3 and # 4 – moving # 12 & # 2
    * Straight / curved : #3 / curved # 8 & 9 (can’t help it, I see both in all of these shots)

  9. And finally, Katherine suggested

    Still/move – military
    cont/int – sea and water drop
    light/dark – kids
    large/small – tree flower
    straight/curved – salad cucumber ??
    few many – swan goslings
    point blunt – pencil/balloon or vice versa??
    broad narrow – motorway – one lane road


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