Honey bees and butterflies

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Honey bee

Honey bee

Flowers are a much loved photographic subject. Last year I went to RHS Hyde Hall to snap some flower pictures, and became so fond of the garden that I joined the RHS. Amongst other things, it gives me free access to Hyde Hall which is less than half an hour away. Knowing that there’s nothing to pay to get in, I’ve been going there fairly regularly. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place, and it is a haven for photographers.
Last Sunday I went with the idea of capturing a few macros of butterflies and bees.

The garden was full of insects, flying from flower to flower and from bush to bush, busily gathering pollen. They didn’t at all mind the many humans walking around between them, so I frequently put my tripod down and captured a series of shots. With the very thin depth of field in macro shots, it doesn’t take much movement of either insect or flower to get a blury shot, so I generally shot quick bursts of three pictures in the hope that at least one of them would come out sharp.

Of the many shots from the day, I have picked these two for the way flower and insect seem to gel together and form a single focal point.

"Meadow Brown" butterfly

"Meadow Brown" butterfly

As so often, the day resulted in more pictures than what will fit in a blog post. So there’s a slideshow with additional and larger pictures here.

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