1973 at 229

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I wanted to use that title, just for the fun of being completely oblique!  But there’s a meaning to the madness. It refers to French band 1973 that performed at 229 last week as part of their tour “London lovely tour”.

Jérôme Plasseraud from French band 1973

Jérôme Plasseraud from French band 1973

The light was as challenging as when I photographed Amoriste there (blog post here) – unsurprisingly, given that 1973 took to the stage 10 minutes later.

The lighting director had decided to use more red light, and less green and blue for 1973. Maybe he felt it went better with their gentle, mellow sound. Maybe it did, but it meant I gave up photographing shortly after capturing this picture, where I deliberately placed myself so Jérôme blocked the spotlight, which now worked as a nice rim-light. Of course, with musicians constantly moving around, there’s a limit to how much pre-planning you can do – but it’s a fair bet that the lead singer occasionally steps up to the microphone!

There’s not a lot more to say. If you see 1973 playing near you, you could do a lot worse than going to see them.

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